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LeBron James will wear number 23 for the Cavaliers again

LeBron James will again wear number 23 for the Cavaliers this season
LeBron James will again wear number 23 for the Cavaliers this season
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Good news for all you Cavs fans that didn’t burn your jerseys in 2010, LeBron James will wear number 23 again for the Cleveland Cavaliers. King James made the announcement on his Twitter feed yesterday to the delight of all the Cleveland fans that adore him once again.

During the last four NBA seasons, James won two NBA Championships in four appearances with the Miami Heat. While everything was bright and shiny down in South Beach, Cleveland hasn’t been the same since LeBron left for Miami. When the back-to-back league MVP left after the 2010 season, the Cavaliers held a 97-215 record in his absence. Along with fans, Cavs owner Dan Gilbert denounced James as a “deserter” after he left for Miami in controversial - some would say narcissistic and egotistical – fashion from Cleveland.

As the saying goes, forgive and forget. Gilbert has since removed the verbiage from the Cavalier’s website and LeBron wrote an essay entitled “I’m Coming Home” published shortly before he went to Brazil as a guest of honor for the World Cup final. When the news broke, Cavs fans rejoiced by pulling their number 23 jerseys from the bottom of their dresser drawers. Heat fans were as displeased with the signing as Cavs fans were in 2010, burning James’ jerseys and defacing a mural of the team which took more than two years to complete.

James threw in some arithmetic in the tweet, suggesting he is not disregarding number six: “2•3=6 We still family 6 (sic),” LeBron wrote Sunday. Whichever jersey number he would have worn this season, it’d be almost certain to be a top seller; as King James has held the throne of top jersey seller for six of the last 11 seasons. By opting to keep his old number, Cavs fans that did not destroy their tops four years ago will not have to buy a new LeBron James jersey.