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LeBron James' wife fuels rumors of return to Cleveland with Instagram post

Is LeBron James heading home?
Photo by Chris Covatta/Getty Images

There is less than a week remaining for Miami Heat star LeBron James to determine if he will opt out of the last year of his contract or not, and become a free agent. Many believe he could want to test free agency and head elsewhere or even home to Cleveland. On the evening of June 22, 2014, his wife decided to stir the spot and fuel speculation by a post on Instagram that got a lot of people talking.

The picture posted late in the evening by Savannah James was quite simple, but it really started up the rumors.

It was just a picture of the state of Ohio with "Akron" written in big blue writing across the middle of the state and a red star pinpointing the city. It was her caption that got things going even more as she wrote:

"Home sweet home!! The countdown is real! #330"

Now, this countdown could really mean anything, but it sure did start speculation of what is to come in LeBron James' NBA future. He has spent the last four years with the Miami Heat after he started his NBA career in Cleveland with the Cavaliers.

Fox8 reported that James said just last week that he was going on vacation with his family before determining whether or not he was going to become a free agent.

It has also been stated that James has plans to speak with Miami Heat teammates Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade before making a decision. All members of the "Big Three" have the options of each opting out of the final year of their contract and becoming a free agent.

James and his wife are expecting their third child, a girl, and that was just announced last week. They already have two boys in LeBron Jr. and Bryce Maximus.

A report started circulating last week as well that the couple had already gotten ready for the fall and enrolled their sons in an Ohio school for the upcoming year. That rumor has since been debunked and proven to be false.

No matter what the post by Savannah James may mean, it has truly started the rumors flying. Within minutes of her post, Twitter and Instagram was on fire. One user even stated:

"Savannah James' Akron Instagram post is going to break ESPN tomm"

One person even said that it could mean the countdown until the family goes to Akron for the offseason after the upcoming season since that is where they always spend that time. That could make sense with the "#330" part of her post, but who knows?

None the less, the talk is going and LeBron James has an upcoming decision to make.

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