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Lebron James still furious at Dan Gilbert for being labeled a coward

Lebron James drops jumper against San Antonio
Photo by Chris Covatta/Getty Images

According to ESPN’s Chris Broussard, Lebron James hasn’t made a decision to rejoin the Cleveland Cavaliers because of the infamous letter written by Dan Gilbert. As you all know, the Cavaliers’ owner released a scathing letter in the aftermath of “The Decision 2010.” Now it seems that Cleveland may lose out on King James. However, is that really the worst thing in the world?

The NBA free agency period has had more twist and turns without anything actually happening in the history of sports. The problem is that we either place blame or give credit where it’s not needed. Currently, Lebron James is being waited on by NBA teams and players. Should we forget that he was part of a team that got crushed by the Spurs in five games?

Chandler Parsons signs offer sheet with Dallas Mavericks.

Cleveland thought they would have an answer on Thursday, instead, Lebron was on a plane traveling back to Miami with Dwayne Wade. Will he do the unforeseeable and actually stay with his current team?

Utah Jazz ready to match Gordon Hayward $63 million offer sheet.

The bottom line is that if the Heat team is dismantled in 2014, they will have greatly underachieved. Yes. Dan Gilbert called James a coward. However, if James bolts Miami, it’s almost just as cowardly, if not more so. The first sign of his team losing, you can see Lebron James ready to bounce to another city.

He and two other members of the Heat opted out with two years left on their contract. Many people think his “loyalty” to the Cleveland area is the only reason he’s considering a return. Let’s be serious. The Western Conference is too tough for Lebron to consider switching leagues. Therefore, it would take a monumental move for any team to sign Lebron.

Chris Bosh is leaving deal on table to wait for Lebron James.

For Chris Bosh to not take the reported four-year $88 million contract offer from the Houston Rockets is mind boggling. If you guys all wanted to continue playing together, you all would have stayed in your contracts. The Miami Heat never thought about getting better as a team.

Here’s a legitimate question for Chris Bosh. Has Lebron James really made you better? In reality, Bosh has become a limited player in his role with the Heat. Yet, he’s willing to hold up his career for one player. Lebron James has no loyalty to you and you don’t owe him anything either.

That’s why it’s not necessarily a great move for Lebron to come back to Cleveland. David Blatt should be a great coach in the NBA. His offensive execution has been off the charts wherever he’s been. Still, if Lebron comes back to the Cavaliers, will he make Kyrie Irving a spot up shooter.

What if Lebron James couldn’t deliver a championship to Cleveland? Would that be the ultimate slap in the face?


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