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LeBron James sends cupcakes to neighbors after press overruns neighborhood

LeBron James
LeBron James
Photo by Angelo Merendino/Getty Images

LeBron James knows that the press can be a real pain when it comes to getting a scope. The NBA player decided to return to Ohio for the next season and this has brought dozens of reporters to his Akron, Ohio neighborhood. Apparently LeBron knows this is inconveniencing the neighbors and decided to do something about it. According to Bleacher Report on Wednesday, the celebrity athlete sent fancy cupcakes to all the neighbors that live close to him home in Ohio.

With a dozen to every door, the neighbors got cherry cola cupcakes and chocolate chunk cupcakes. This selection might sound yummy, but it is the gesture that has gotten the world’s attention. Knowing that the press will stop at nothing, James gave the goodies with a little message thanking everyone in the neighborhood for their patience. The note apologized for the chaos and was a token of generosity.

LeBron James and his family didn't publicly announce that they were sending the cupcakes to the neighborhood. In fact it probably wouldn't have even been known except the neighbors shared a picture online and publicly thanks the James family. This caught the eye of the press (who probably were sitting in their cars searching social media waiting for LeBron to leave his home) and the posted messages went viral.

The idea that the star would even take time to address the concerns of his neighbors has impressed the fans. And it has pointed out that more athletes should take time to do this around the country. They might not have big news stories as LeBron James, but sometimes the press does get in the way of everyday living. And which neighbor wouldn't like cupcakes? It’s an incentive to move next to a professional athlete and put up with all the photographers and writers and the real estate agents could use that as a selling point!