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LeBron James on Broadway?

LeBron James has dominated a lot of headlines the past few days.  But on Broadway?  Well, not really.

Last night was a tough time for those interested in his decision of where to go to play next.  A 9:00 "press conference" was scheduled to give the big news.

So picture if you were a big basketball fan.  Maybe you bought tickets to a Broadway show some time ago.  And suddenly, the big news was waiting to be said right during the first act of the show.  What to do, what to do?

For those who went to see the Broadway show Lend Me a Tenor last night, the cast provided the solution to the problem. is reporting that at the end of the show during the final bows, one of the cast members polled the audience to see who thought LeBron was going to the major cities that had been in the news.  After the polling, the winning city of Miami was announced to the crowd.  And an autographed basketball was sent into the crowd where the most Miami's was heard. 

Just goes to show that Broadway knows their sports.  Take a look at the video of the event.


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