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LeBron James' mask: Top memes of Miami Heat star's protective mask

LeBron James mask memes
LeBron James mask memes

Miami Heat star LeBron James broke his nose against the Oklahoma City Thunder a week or so ago, and it was determined that the injury would need some extra protection. On Thursday, Feb. 27, 2014, James debuted his new look with a black mask, and as Bleacher Report showed, it spawned a whole lot of Internet fame on Twitter and in the form of the LeBron James' mask meme.

Lebron James got a new mask and Internet hilarity ensues.
Nextimepulse / Bleacher Report /Twitter

James had decided not to let the world know what the mask would look like before he stepped out onto the court. Everyone was expecting a clear protective mask like others have worn in the past. Even James himself wore one years ago.

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Well, he showed up against the Knicks with a black protective mask, and immediately, the Internet went nuts.

Michael Wallace of ESPN got on Twitter and said, "LeBron goes with the Darth Vader mask look."

Others got on Twitter and said he looked like Zorro, Hannibal Lecter, or even Batman in the mask. From there though, the Internet geniuses got a hold of screenshots of LeBron James' protective mask and the memes started flowing.

Some of the memes were expected, but some of them are just completely brilliant. Included in the slideshow are LeBron James' mask memes portraying him as the Hamburgler, Darkwing Duck, Phantom of the Opera, Blankman, and the epic "Flop Man" (Batman).

It has been only one night and James is scheduled to wear the mask for a few weeks so this is far from over.

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