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LeBron James Jr. Receives ‘Nike Endorsement’

Sounds like a potential headline 10 or 15 years from now, right?

Just to clarify, you are reading that headline correctly. However, before you become enraged about the exploitation of young kids in the world of youth basketball and the sneaker industries, please continue reading.

LeBron James Sr. posted this photo on his Instagram page, detailing his son’s exploits in the MyCAREER mode on NBA2K14.

The photo included this caption:

It's only right @nikebasketball offer my son Bronny a deal. He's playing "My Career" on NBA2k14. Thanks Lynn Merritt!! Lol. #KeepItInTheFamily #EvenVideoGamesKnowWhatsUp #JamesGang #NikeLifer #StriveForGreatness

LeBron James Jr. recently participated in the AAU Fourth Grade National Championship with his All-Star dad enjoying the action from his front row seat. So while the younger James may be years away from an official Nike endorsement deal, he could be well on his way. So why not practice on NBA 2K14, especially when your dad graces the cover, right?

As the release date of the new edition of the NBA 2K franchise approaches, more and more news and information concerning the game is beginning to surface. As seen above, a video featuring a first look at Kevin Durant in NBA 2K15 was released recently, as well as, a screenshot from the game also featuring Durant.

Other news concerning NBA 2K15 includes the return of the Create-a-Player feature, the introduction of a MyLEAGUE mode, and information concerning the game’s soundtrack, curated by Pharrell Williams. If you're interested, you can even listen to the game's soundtrack here.

Likewise, news concerning NBA 2K15’s major competitor, NBA Live 15 has also begun to release information concerning their upcoming release. NBA Live 15 hopes to get a slight jump on NBA 2K15 by providing a free trial mode for Xbox One and Playstation 4 users to try the game before its official release date. The game will also feature a rebuilt Ultimate Team Mode and improved shooting mechanics.

Both games are set to be released on October 7th.

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