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LeBron James’ house in Akron-Bath, Ohio: Fans and press await his Cavs decision

LeBron James’ house in Akron-Bath, Ohio: Fans and press await his Cavs decision
Paula Neal Mooney

Normally when this Cleveland Pop Culture reporter decides to leave the health club and take a leisurely drive down the peaceful streets that surround LeBron James’ house in Bath Township, it doesn’t represent the circus of folks that lined his street on July 10. On Thursday, the idyllic street was filled with so many cars that this journalist had to slowly navigate the available space in order to avoid the stationary vehicles and people walking nearby. While a neighbor prominently displayed their silent support for “King James” with a gaggle of sports jerseys hanging outside their front door, the locals still awaited any valid news of a decision, well past the reported 3:30 p.m. ET that the answer was supposed to arise.

Folks in these parts are eagerly awaiting his newest decision, like a rejected ex-girlfriend whose philandering man broke up with her publicly four years ago. Time, in this case, has definitely healed old wounds and turned even the most stubborn of hearts around to welcome the native son home with open arms and plenty of fingers left for promised championship rings bearing the Cleveland Cavaliers brand. Meanwhile, web surfers scoured until it crashed and came back up again. USA Today points to factors like the official Twitter account of having recently followed The Akron Beacon-Journal and as big potential clues of where the ball player’s heart might be focused these days.

Charles Barkley thinks LeBron should come home to Cleveland. That guy who started that “Come Home LeBron” campaign is probably over the moon with hope. Mainly, Clevelanders and Akronites don’t want LeBron to play around and break hearts again, so goes the logic on The New York Times’ site – and they’re right. While folks are bending over backwards to let LeBron know he’s forgiven – after all, Cedar Point is going to name one of their roller coasters “King James” if he comes back, and the 2016 Republican GOP convention is already being discussed in a manner whereas it won’t interfere with the playoffs during that time if LeBron is here – it would really be great to know that this time he’s not toying with the affections of those north of the Ohio Valley, and is seriously coming home. After his trip to Brazil, that is.