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LeBron James and Kobe Bryant are number one and two

The Miami Heat took on the Los Angeles Lakers at home on Thursday night. The Heat have gone 7-5 in January. The story, however, on Thursday night wasn't Lebron James who scored 27 points against the Lakers on Thursday night.

LeBron James aims at an undefended basket
Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

He was outdone by big guy Chris Bosh (LeBron +4) who found open spots in the lane against the Lakers big guys.

Lebron scored his 27 points on 9-15 (2-4 3s) shooting. Along with those field goals he also played 37 minutes and shot 7-13 from the line.

The real story was that Lebron and Kobe or James and Bryant, respectively, were on the court. Well, sort of, because because Kobe's injured and will return soon. You get that though.

So what you say.

So these are the two most popular players in the National Basketball Association. Kobe Bryant has been number one for so long he, perhaps, has become bored with it.

Trivia alert: he's in his seventeenth year in the NBA.

It's not his appropriate title anymore.

Continuing that thought, so now he's not number one anymore. That Miami Heat NBA championship All-Star is now the most popular player for the first time since before LeBron escaped Cleveland for the sea breeze instead of Cleveland and the Great Lakes lake effect blizzards.

Sorry Cleveland, it's true.

In the 2008-09 season LeBron was emblazoned with the honor that Kobe seemed to have a lease on. Kobe was boosted back in 2009--after the Cavaliers parted with LeBron--way ahead of LeBron who was thought of suspiciously, though still retaining a strong core of support.

It's relative in sports--fan support is--because unlike politics they aren't spending money you didn't offer them of your own volition. Those Cleveland Cavaliers junkies found those polls and let everyone know how serious this betrayal was.

So then, Kobe is now number two in a poll taken after LeBron's and the Heat's championship run last June. It was just a matter of time until that lake effect blizzard was shoveled away.

That was ridiculous.

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