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Lebanon Levi 'Amish Mafia' returns to the Discovery Channel

Get ready, "Amish Mafia" is returning to the Discovery channel on Feb 25, 2014. Many of the old favorites are returning like Lebanon Levi, Jolin, Alvin, Esther, Alan, John, Merlin and Wayne.

Discovery Channel 'Amish Mafia'
Discovery Channel

In a Discovery Channel press release, "For the first time, Esther speaks out about the shocking attack and responds to allegations that she is leading a double life. Lebanon Levi confronts the new forces that challenge his authority over the Pennsylvania Amish. When temptations from the English world threaten to bring physical harm to one of the Amish, Levi and his crew must put aside their differences with former rivals in order to protect the community. Meanwhile, Levi's nemesis Merlin seeks revenge on Wayne for ousting him from Amish Aid in Ohio. By recruiting new enforcers and building fresh alliances, Merlin hopes to regain control of Ohio and fulfill his destiny of leading the entire Amish community.”

It will be interesting how they will handle the news about Esther's beating by her non-Amish rapper boyfriend, Imir R. Williams. On October 31, 2014, Imir viciously beat Esther in the face. He fractured her cheekbone, broke her nose and many of her teeth.

Esther’s Facebook page offers support to women who are in abusive relationships. Imir was sentenced to seven weeks prison time, which he served waiting for his trial date. He has three years probation. He’s ordered to stay away and have no contact with Esther.

Lebanon Levi appears in fundraisers around Lebanon County. In March 2013, he appeared at the Matthews Public Library in Fredericksburg. In August, he helped the Eastern Lancaster County Library in New Holland to raise awareness about libraries and their funding needs. Recently he was in Palmyra Dairy Queen at a car show. Posing for pictures and signing autographs, he helped to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network. Last season on "Amish Mafia," they showed Levi at one of his fundraisers.

Be sure to watch "Amish Mafia" starting on Feb. 25, 2014 at 8 p.m. Central on the Discovery Channel.

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