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Lebanese ship held after dumping mutilated cow carcasses into Baltic Sea

Dead cow washed ashore in Denmark
Dead cow washed ashore in Denmark

The carcasses of 14 mutilated dead cows washed ashore in Sweden and Denmark have been tied to a Lebanese ship that had been transporting the animals from the United States to Europe, then dumped them overboard after they died during a storm in the Bay Biscay. It was also noted although some of the animals had been shot, all the bodies had their ears cut off, stomachs slit and rear legs ties together.

According to Danish police, the Lebanese vessel had originally asked for permission to unload the dead animals in a Russian port but were turned down, and ended up dumping them into the Baltic Sea about 11 miles from the coast of Bornholm Island.

They also noted that the reason for the mutilations was not as sinister as first imagined.
“The ears had been cut to remove the earmarks identifying the animals, and the stomachs slit to ensure the animals sank, while the back legs were probably bound so that a crane could grab and hoist the cow overboard," explained Danish officer Boje Joergensen.

The Lebanese ship is currently “being held at a Baltic port,” pending a Swedish police investigation into the incident. It is also likely that its crew will be prosecuted for management since dumping dead animals in the Baltic Sea is prohibited,” stated authorities from South Zealand and Lolland-Falster.