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Lebanese reporter: Iran should send nukes to Hamas for use against Israel

Christine Habib
Christine Habib

It's become quite clear that those who support Hamas want genocide and the complete destruction of Israel. On Friday, Christine Habib, a Lebanese reporter who, according to her Facebook profile, is a "Senior Reporter at Al Jadeed TV," issued a tweet calling for Iran to send nuclear weapons to Hamas for use against Israel, assuming the Islamic country has weapons to send.

"#Iran should send its nuclear weapons, if they exist, to #Hamas," she tweeted. Her message sparked a great deal of controversy on Twitter.

"You are an absolute disgrace! Who wishes that kind of destruction on anyone? You call yourself a journalist?" one person asked.

"Please tell me I have this wrong @Christine_Habib, you are proud to advocate the use of nuclear weapons against Israel?" another person asked.

A number of people called Habib "sick" and "twisted" for suggesting the nuclear destruction of Israel. Others called her a lunatic and wondered if she realized such an attack would also kill a number of those she supports.

To make matters worse, she doubled down after being asked about her message by a person with the same last name. A Twitter user named "Ryan Habib" asked if she really intended the nuclear weapons "for Hamas to use."

Habib responded: "[F]or Hamas to use against Israel."

Since the current conflict with Hamas began, a number of people, identified by a Gallup poll as being somewhat less educated and informed, have sided with Hamas, expressing support for the notion of genocide. Some, like Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, have compared Israel to Hitler, claiming that Israel's defense of its own population is somehow worse than the Nazi Holocaust that killed six million Jews.

The so-called mainstream media, apparently either unaware or unconcerned that Hamas' charter calls for genocide and the destruction of Israel, often presents a rather biased narrative of what is actually happening in Israel. Now, a member of the media, albeit the Lebanese media, has openly called for the nuclear destruction of Israel.

Habib, however, has nothing to fear, according to one Twitter user, who suggested that if she ever loses her job in Lebanon over the tweet, she can always find a job at the State Department. Or maybe she could find an opening at MSNBC.

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