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Leaving your child in a car while you run into a business...NOT a good idea!

Around noon today, a small child was left in an empty vehicle while the mother ran into a local business on Mitchell Street SW in Atlanta. While the parent was inside "Wings R Us", her car was stolen with the child inside.

Fortunately, the thief noticed the child and dropped them off at a nearby gas station less than a mile away, and the child has now been returned to the mother.

When will parents learn that you do not leave your children behind in the car while you run inside anywhere? It's not like there haven't been many stories reported where innocent children are stolen right along with the cars, and unfortunately, not all stories have happy endings.

Please love your children and pay attention to their whereabouts at all times, and NEVER... leave them in the car while you run inside "just for a minute"; it doesn't take long for someone to jump in your car and take off with your child.

The vehicle still has not been found...a blue 2010 Chevrolet truck with Girl Scout tags.