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Leaving a dog in a hot car is animal cruelty...find another solution

How quickly does your car heat up?
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It’s just mid-June and already dogs are dying in hot cars because their owners leave them behind while they go shop, eat or whatever else they want to do. Recently, a man in Belmont Calif. left his 8-yearr-old German shepherd locked in a black SUV for eight hours while he slept in a motel room.

Though the police and animal control tried to save him, the dog died on the way to an animal clinic. The officers responded to the call of a dog in distress at 10:30 in the morning and found the dog already overcome with heat. Can you imagine an extremely hot afternoon? By the way, the dog’s owner was arrested on charges of suspicion of animal cruelty.

While you may think there is no harm to leave your dog for a few minutes while you just “run in and out” you need to remember how quickly a car can heat up. Take a look at the chart and you will see that even a 75 degree day can turn your car into an inferno in a very short time.

Besides it being cruel to the dog, you may find yourself in need of new windows. Some animal lovers will not hesitate to break your car window to rescue a dog in distress. Many have said that they will gladly pay the fine to save a dog. You may also subject yourself to a good tongue lashing or possibly jail, depending on how your state views leaving dogs in cars.

If you know you need to do errands that will take you away from your vehicle, just don’t take your dog with you. If you must take the dog with you, always have water for him and bring a friend who can walk him in a shaded area and provide a drink when he or she needs it. Never just lock the dog in and walk away!

Think about it the next time you unlock your car and get in. How long would you like to sit there without flipping on that air conditioner? If you need real proof, put a thermometer inside your car, even with the windows cracked. You may be shocked at how fast it climbs!

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