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Leaves, leaves, everywhere

Welcome to Fall in New England!  It is starting to get colder in Boston, but it is the perfect weather for nature walks and collecting all things Fall like leaves.

Take the children on a nature walk.  You can use brown paper bags and let each child decorate the bags, then they can fill their bags with red, orange, and yellow leaves.

Once the nature walk is complete, why not do some of these leaf activities.

- Leaf prints:  place the leaves under a sheet of paper and let the children choose some crayons to use.  Ask them to press lightly and color so that they see the leaf image on the paper.  Hang the leaf prints up.

- Check out this leaf counting game at Green Olives & Ham.

- For your "L" letter of the week, print out or draw a large letter "L", then let the children glue their leaves inside the letter "L".

- Read some of these books about leaves:

Why Do Leaves Change Color by Betsy Maestro

We're Going On A Leaf Hunt by Steve Metzger

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