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Leave the gym to lose the weight

Hiking in the wilderness
Hiking in the wilderness
Photo by Johannes Simon/Getty Images

‘What’s the perfect routine?’ ‘What’s the perfect diet?’ These are how most fitness related questions are phrased. However, the correct questions are more towards the line of, ‘What is the most optimum routine for me?’ ‘What should I be eating to reach my goals?’ The information these individuals actually are seeking is personal, individualized, and specific information to meet their needs.

Exercise and health tends to be very specific to the individual, so it makes sense that there are MILLIONS (scientific term for a lot) of ways to reach goals. While the gym setting is beneficial for producing healthy results, many don’t enjoy the atmosphere. If there isn’t some level of enjoyment, then consistency will never follow. With that being said, let’s go through several forms of exercise that don’t have anything to do with gyms, barbells, yoga mats, kettle bells, or 200 BPM music.


Perfect for those with no prior experience with physical activity, and simply need to start moving. The main focus for this individual will be nutrition in order to make significant changes in body composition. Simply walking around the block and adding distance over time can be beneficial for many people looking to become more active.


For those looking to get the most bang for their workout buck, any number of household chores provide practical opportunities to get some quality movement in! Vacuuming, putting away dishes, rearranging furniture, or simply dusting offer the chance to put on some loud music and get working on your house and your body.


For those who have a hard time walking without feeling it in their joints the next day and have the balance can enjoy a smoother ride by getting out for a bike ride.


The people that believe hiking won’t provide a worthwhile challenge have never been hiking. While the previous activities are geared more towards those new to physical activity, hiking doesn’t fall into the same category. Load up a daypack and research local trails online or by contacting the local sporting goods outlet. Hiking is great in the summertime, but with the right equipment is even more fun in the fall and winter. Pick a trail with more frequent elevation changes for a harder workout. This is a great alternative for those fit to run, but get bored or simply don’t like long distance running.

Pick up games like street hockey, basketball, wiffleball, kayaking, rock climbing, golfing, and camping are all great alternatives for those looking to get in shape without a gym membership. Remember fitness doesn’t have to be formal! Get outside and get moving no matter the weather with these awesome activities outside the gym!

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