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Leave the cold behind- escape with a book

January 24, 2014 is certainly not the first cold day winter has ushered in, and it certainly won't be the last. It's been bitter cold; much too arctic for kids to play outside. Luckily, warm adventures are just around the bookshelf corner.

Little Critter, from Mercer Mayer's "Little Critter" series, is always a fun friend to have around when Mother Nature makes it too cold to play outside. He's been on a lot of adventures with his family and friends and has held a place among many children's bookshelves for more than forty years.

One of the most beloved adventures is "Just Grandma and Me" where Little Critter and his grandma take a trip together to the beach. Their adventure starts off with a bus ride that picks both of them up at Little Critter's house.

Throughout the course of the day, they watch people fly kites, swim in the ocean, and eat hot dogs (which are dropped in the sand, which is fixable by washing them in the waves). The entire story is full of sun, sand, and great times with grandma. It's a fantastic story to read during the cold, grey snowy winter months. It brings back memories of sunnier days, and may even prompt kids to have indoor beach adventures.

For the kids who also like using technology to go on reading adventures, there is an older computer game for "Just Grandma and Me" where players can click and interact with the characters as well as follow along with the story.

This beach story is a fantastic way to escape the cold harshness of winter; it can be found online and purchased at bookstores and online websites such as

For more information on the "Little Critter" series, visit

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