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'Leave me alone': Stop unwanted solicitation

The many types of communication technology available to us now can make you feel like you are never alone. Most people have heard of the "Do Not Call List" that is supposed to ward off telemarketers like a strand of garlic around your neck. It helps to some degree, and is certainly worth the few seconds it takes to make that phone call. (Call 1-888-382-1222) or visit Did you know that there are other ways to stop the madness in your life? You can seriously slow down the junk mail and email spam coming at you, too.

You can put a stop to the harassment!

To address the onslaught of spam in your postal mailbox, there are at least two resources available. Direct has a “Do Not Mail List.” Interestingly, although they actually are a marketing company, they state that their clients do not want to waste money sending mail to people who do not want it. The Direct Marketing Association also has a list such as this called the Mail Preference Service which opts you out of most direct mailing for five years. They also have an Email Preference Service that is good for six years.

It would follow that companies paying for postal marketing also wouldn't want to be sending mail to someone who has died, either. You can use these services to stop the daily mailings that continue after someone has died. Possibly the most valuable of all these services is a site operated by major consumer reporting agencies where you can opt out of pre-screened offers of credit and insurance. There are two options: five years and forever. You need to visit

Then, there is something to be said for just turning everything off and curling up in the porch swing with a great book. Perhaps a cup of coffee on the front porch while you listen to the traffic in the distance works for you. Everyone needs a bit of space sometimes, and unwanted solicitation can get right up in your face, hemming you in on all sides. Take back your ground.

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