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Leave Donald Sterling Alone

So the billionaire owner of the LA Clippers and noted slumlord, who is also a misogynist racist with horrific taste in mistresses, says bad things.

Another Racist Donald
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Is he the only uber rich guy that has uttered such sentiments? Really, others have?

Much of what has been said about the President of the United States is appalling and in many cases bordering on treason.

This is a man of mixed race, who unlike his immediate predecessor was elected to the highest office in the land. Bada bing but this column is not kidding.

In 2008, Obama won by 7 percentage points, 3 shy of what is defined as an electoral landslide. And yet his nationality, faith, political ideals, family, and yes race, have all elicited such ugly words by a too wide spectrum of politicians and citizens.

Ted Cruz or Ted Nugent. Both of them should be visited by the Secret Service. Regularly. When they are sober of course. (That could apply to the any of the parties cited.)

Donald Trump, who is no more a billionaire than the homeless woman currently rifling through your trash, once demanded, DEMANDED, that the sitting President of this country, show him, Donald Trump, his school transcripts.

Even a passing knowledge about academic politics would yield the fact that if a candidate said he went to Harvard Law School and was Law Review, and did neither, the institution would issue a statement.

So Donald Trump, multi bankrupted businessman and reality star, was asking to see the President’s “papers." A loud, obnoxious stop and frisk.

Forget the Republicans: if Obama was not a citizen, the Clintons would have been all over that factoid. Right around the time of the New Hampshire primary a few years back.

Sterling is an odious old man. Don’t use him to clip the First Amendment. The power of the marketplace, together with social media and boycotts will rectify the scenario he has created.

How about the same focus directed toward the folks threatening the President, curtailing voting, disproportionately jailing people of color, and throwing the poor and minority under the Congressional bus.

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