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Leave a mark in life

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Did you know that God commissioned us to live significant impactful lives? I pray that you are living a life that is what you want it to be, not living life as someone else dictates you should. Do you have a boss or supervisor who limits you? Perhaps it is a well-meaning friend, co-worker, spouse, or fiancé etc.? Do not live your life by what mere men say if you are being limited, live your life according to what God says about you! God says he wants you to live a life full of abundance, to be without fear, to live your life with a sense of security. God wants you to trust in him and let him give you a blessing full of good things and to be morally correct, gracious, and kind. Trust in him to advance you so that you leave a mark in life blessing others along your way with an abundant life. God wants you to advance and be blessed according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. God says when you trust him; you will dwell in the land of plenty. That means God will take you where you want to go. If you trust in him; God will go with you and establish your life on the whole earth, no matter where you go! Amen! No more fretting, or stressing, or allowing others to block your significant impactful life. Imagine being able to go anywhere with a sense of trust and security that God is with and for you no matter what! Make a decision to live a life where you are going to “Trust in the Lord” and dwell in the land (full of peace and security). You will live a significant life of right connections and associations and continual right circumstance. God will take you where you want to go and your life will not dry up and die unlike those who do not trust in the Lord. Old things pass away all things today are new, claim that a significant breakthrough is about to happen over your life, and that no one will limit you because you serve a limitless God! Stay blessed and in His favor!