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Leather handbags at Nordstrom Rack

Leather handbag from Nordstrom Rack
Leather handbag from Nordstrom Rack
Photo taken by me

Leather is just one of those materials that immediately evokes a specific thought in a bargain shopper’s mind: pricey. Basically anything made of leather seems to be more expensive than a similar item made of something else. There’s always artificial leather, the favorite of vegans worldwide, but as there’s no substitute for steak, there’s no substitute for real leather. Not to mention that anything else just doesn't have the same luxurious look.  

Thrifty leather seekers, find refuge at Nordstrom Rack. Native Seattleites will recall the days when Nordstrom Rack was known for items that actually started out at Nordstrom—the whole idea was you could get things in weird sizes or possibly from last season but with the quality that Nordstrom was known for. Those days are over and now the Rack is populated by items specifically made for the discount version of Nordy’s so while bargains abound, real fashion finds are truly harder to find.

Rule #35 of a good bargain hunter: Shop off-season. Exhibit A: White handbags in January. I found this handbag recently at Nordstrom Rack in Glendale and I am in love: great size, sturdy but not boxy, enough detail to be distinctive but not trendy. Retail price was $225. Nordstrom Rack was selling it for $95 but since it's the middle of winter, I found it on the clearance rack with a green sticker for an additional 35% off. So the total was around $60. That’s a non-leather price for an amazing leather handbag. The point is, you can get a great deal on leather if you’re smart and always keep an eye out. And why wait until summer to use a great accessory? In LA, isn’t every day summer? 

Contact info:

Nordstrom Rack

227 North Glendale Avenue in Glendale


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