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Leatha Slauson: Cancer story about daughter was all a lie to get money

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When people hear about a child with cancer, they start to reach out and help this child. They will give money and do whatever needs to be done. Now news is out about a woman who totally faked her daughter Riley's cancer to get money from people. On Friday, New York Daily News shared about this mother Leatha Slauson who faked her daughter's cancer story.

She has now been charged with child endangerment. Leatha allegedly got people to donate money to her saying she needed it for her daughter who had cancer. The thing is her little girl Riley, who is only five-years-old, never had cancer at all. There was really nothing wrong with her at all.

Leatha even spoke out in an interview and said, "(The cancer) is just spreading too fast. It spread to her liver and the last MRI (showed) it spread to her lymph nodes and they stopped chemotherapy." It was all totally made up and not true at all. The dad doesn't appear to be involved in the scheme and is now raising their other four children. The truth came out when the school decided to try to help out Riley. The mom had raised over $1,000 on Go Fund Me for helping her daughter.