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Leatha Slauson cancer hoax: Mom claims 5-year-old terminal, rakes in big bucks

Mom fakes little girl's cancer and collects all kinds of money in donations, today the hoax is up and she's facing charges.
Mom fakes little girl's cancer and collects all kinds of money in donations, today the hoax is up and she's facing charges.

An Iowa woman is now facing charges that stem from money she solicited under false pretenses by claiming that her five-year-old daughter was terminally ill with cancer. Leatha Kaye Slauson, 30, gained nationwide attention after she went as far as giving her daughter cannabis oil to treat the side effects of cancer, which the child never had, according to The New York Daily News on Aug. 22.

Slauson has received thousands of dollars in donations from various charity events held for the little girl and websites setup for the purpose of donating to this family. The money was to go to medical expenses for the child and the mother planned to take her to Disney before she died, a place the little girl wanted to visit more than anything else, conveyed her mother through the charade, reports Yahoo News.

The mother was investigated when the Atlantic Community School District officials made an inquiry on how to best provide for the little girl with cancer and any special needs she may have. Apparently the investigation turned up that the little girl didn’t have any special needs due to cancer, because she never had cancer. The Atlantic, Iowa community opened their hearts and their wallets for this family to make a hard time a little easier for the family.

The chief of police in Atlanta asked that people stop giving to the “Super Riley Fund,” which was established for the little girl. Besides that fund there were two websites setup for donations which the mother netted over $7,600 from, but the total of all the money the mother raked in with this alleged hoax is not known at this time.

Slauson is charged with child endangerment and distribution of drugs to a child under the age of 18, which stems from her giving the cannabis oil to her daughter. The citizens of the town opened their hearts to this family and while they are sad over what this woman did, the chief said it won’t harden them into people who are afraid of giving.

He also said “everybody’s hurt right now, but everybody’s going to heal.” Hopefully the little five-year-old girl is too young to remember her mother doing this to her.

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