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Leash gets caught in elevator and dog narrowly escapes death

It's almost enough to make you want to never get in an elevator with a dog on a leash again. An article posted today on the Sun News Network Canada website describes the horror a Toronto woman experienced earlier this month when the leash of her Rottweiler got caught in the elevator door.

Thanks to the quick reactions of his owner, this Canadian Rottweiler survived a close call when his leash got caught in the elevator door
Tamara Seibert Facebook,

The video that accompanied the article is horrifying. The CCTV footage shows Seibert enter the elevator with her two dogs, and as she is pushing the button for her floor, she accidentally drops the leash. The leash gets caught in the elevator doors as the doors close, and before she can free it from the door, the elevator moves and the dog is yanked into the air.

Seibert reacts quickly, supporting the weight of the dog and at the same time trying to free the leash. The leash finally snapped and as the dog falls, Seibert catches him and eases him to the floor. The entire incident took less than 20 seconds but must have seemed like an eternity for Seibert.

Vado, the dog, weighs around 110 pounds and Seibert broke two fingers and severely lacerates her hands. According to all reports, Vado came through the incident with no injuries. Both Vado and the second dog appear to have been very well trained. The second dog sits calmly while Seibert attempts to rescue Vado; Vado shows no signs of aggression or fear, and despite the harrowing circumstances makes no effort whatsoever to bite.

While looking for a copy of the video on YouTube, it became obvious that this is not an isolated incident. There are dozens of videos showing CCTV footage documenting close calls dogs have had with leashes becoming caught as they enter or exit elevators.

Seibert's dog was lucky; undoubtedly there are many other similar cases where the dog doesn't survive.

The important take-away here is that you should always have your dogs leash under your control, and do not become distracted juggling items you're carrying, or by your phone, or anything else. It doesn't take but a split second for the elevator doors to close.

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