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Learning your way around the web

Computer Savvy
Computer Savvy

Computers, and more specifically the Internet, can be a frightening place. Using a computer, and surfing the net is actually a lot of fun, and quit easy.

Here are some wonderful sites that are recommended by the Ft Worth Library :

  • Computers Made Easy for Seniors -   This site is designed to help the elderly understand how computers work and locate some resources for improving their computing skills
  • Learn the Net  -  This sight offers weekly tips, quiz's, games and free mini courses to strengthen you Internet skills and knowledge.
  • Savvy Senior - This is a wealth of information and offers news, radio, and other resources available for Seniors.
  • JigZone - This is a fun site to play work a daily jig saw puzzle.  They offer the puzzles in varying levels. This is also a great place to work on mouse control.

Click on any of the links above, and start enjoying all the net has to offer.


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