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Learning your math with your father.

"One plus one is two", says your father for your math lesson today. Your father writes 1+1=2. Your father continues and say's one plus two is three. Your father writes 1+2 = 3. The learning for a child's mathematical lesson is secured by a fathers verbal and visual reinforcement. This learning is a mathematical climb from a fathers role for the child to be nourished then to building a sense of belonging (Maslow, 1948). The learned value is known as Maslow's hierarchy of needs (Maslow, 1948). For a traditional example, the stages of belonging are crucial to further a childs math learning abilities as they are reinforced by a father's love. The math lesson's are compounded as the years land. The father whom takes the time to teach a math lesson to their child secures the confidence in a child to be loved enough to learn more math lessons. This learning ability can be inherited by a math teacher whom teaches their own children, an aviation father whom teach their own child math. The mathematical value to the worlds learning for math is a traditional way to help a classmate learn (United States Department of Education, 2014).

The three valid steps to mathematical adjustments stems from:

Mathematical wisdom

Mathematical learning

Mathematical understanding

Learning your math with your father is mostly a standardized expectation if you are in the field from mathematical law as a father whom loves you. Learning your math from your father whom loves you unconditionally is the moral law as a father. Whether you learn your math from a standardized expectation or a moral conditioning your math is still learned by your father as 1+1=2 etc. Happy Fathers Day teacher.

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