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Learning to live with alternative energy

These people are scheduled to have their homes demolished all because coal power plants still being used throughout the world.
Photo by Carsten Koall/Getty Images

There are many ways to participate in this new revolutionary push for alternative energy. The best way Americans can begin to drive forward in this new age of alternative energy is to actually drive forward, properly of course. With that being said, properly mean with less gasoline and diesel consumption.

Buying a hybrid vehicle is one way to change from completely disregarding the alternative energy movement to driving toward a future with less of a carbon footprint. There are also many other ways such as not using coal or oil as the fuel source of American power plants. That itself will have a major impact on the world's sustainability.

By having the world's superpowers continue to use and build new technology for burning coal and oil at the massive scales that power plants require is simply leading other developing nation down a path of foreseeable environmental doom. There are many ways that Americans will change the world and so many of them are toward a negative future with little hope of sustainability unless they act now. Americans might not have asked to be the role model of the world but they are truly filling that position and need to be very cautious on how they approach the promotion and development of alternative energy.

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