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Learning to calm yourself

Deep breathing exercises will help provide an immediate overall feeling of calm.

Sitting by a beautiful lake is a relaxing way to spend your time
Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Exercise can help you cope with stress related problems and is very effective at calming your body.

Meditation is an excellent relaxation technique that calms your mind, body and soul.

Get a massage to relieve stressed, knotted up and tensed muscles. Some people have upper back and neck tension. A few minutes of massage on a tensed muscle will have an calming effect and help relieve stress.

Sit or lay down, close your eyes and rest your mind if only for a few minutes this will help relax you.

Take a power nap 10 to 15 minutes will refresh your mind and help you concentrate on whatever you need to.

Music can calm, sooth, and relax the mind and in turn relax your whole body.

Watching fish swim in a beautiful fish tank will help relax and refresh your mind.

Remember stress kills:

Don’t sweat every little thing. Just think in a hundred years from now will this little problem matter to anyone? If it is something you have no control over relax there is nothing you can do.

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