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Learning the various mediums and textures

Done with spray paint and pallet knives using acrylic paint and artist paste
Done with spray paint and pallet knives using acrylic paint and artist paste
Howard Woodward, Photographer

January 8, 2014 Imperial Beach, CA

To be an artist in this world today one must learn and study the various mediums that are available for one to use in your creations. Thirteen year old Stefany James, an Art Kid of San Diego County, attends Coronado Middle School and is in the 8th grade. She is learning the various artistic mediums where she can express her talents. Whether it be oils, watercolors, acrylics, pen and ink, Stefany is beginning her journey to conquer them all.

She is learning to use various brushes, pallet knives, artistic paste, pen and ink and other multi-medium materials to create her works of art. From a flat surface to three dimensional work, Stefany is charging ahead and learning the various techniques to produce all kinds of art.

Her latest project is one that will take her from sculpting to illustrating the sculpted piece from different views, to then painting the piece in a environmental background. She will then sculpt another piece and start the process all over but this time will start a story about the two pieces she has created and incorporate the various atmospheres into the story.

I will be following her work as she creates the story and the sculpted characters that will play a major part in her book. So all can follow her art and her writings as they are created. Stefany is not the only art student doing this project. Each one of the Art Kids is doing the same exercise and using all artistic disciplines to create their own stories. This way they not only use the various disciplines but their own imagination to create.