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Learning the rules of surfing

Surfing is a sport which comes with a set of rules. Although it is a sport which different types of levels exist as far as knowledge and skill, once you hit the water there are some tips which may help you in your journey. The first rule of thumb is common courtesy. Most surfers are open to newbies sharing their spots but are wary of novice surfers. There is a rule of thumb if a surfer is on a wave in front of you, itss up to you to get out of the way. This applies to paddling out also since surfers ride the shoulder of the wave its best to go through the breakwater instead of the shoulder where the surfer is riding. Once out past the breaking point there is a place where most surfers wait for waves, this is called the lineup. The lineup is usually just past the breaking point and gives a surfer an optimum chance at catching waves. Waves break right and left, the right break would be going left on the wave if you were viewing from the beach. Left breaks would go right looking from shore.

Surfing on beach breaks is usually easier to navigate than reef breaks. The reef breaks are often in areas not easily accessible and have rocks and coral below the surface. They usually also have the best waves. Beach breaks have poorer form and get blown out early in the day. Surfing is a sport with a few variables, lots of places that are well known and surfers who are legends of the sport. It like any other sport has good points and not so good points but all in all is a great sport once you learn the basics. Knowing the dos and don’ts will help you as you begin your quest to learn to surf. This is just a brief introduction to the sport of surfing and some basic courtesy tips; my next article will cover some basics of gear you need to hit the beach.


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