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Learning something new enhances brain health

These are Neuroimaging scans of the human brain.
These are Neuroimaging scans of the human brain.
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Neurobiology has come a long way since the 20th century, thanks to the ability to scan the brain through the use of superior medical technology that can literally map a person's brain. Today via these new scanning techniques Neurobiologists can see brain activity and learn how it truly works. These scans have proven that exercising the brain is crucial for one's overall brain health. ("The Genetic Geography of the Brain," by Ed Lein and Mike Hawrylywcz, Scientific American, April 2014, pages 70 - 77)

The brain is the most important muscle in the body. Without proper exercise and stimulus it can degenerate. Many in their Golden Years ignore or are unaware of this. Senior Citizens usually read, play games and physically exercise less. This is partly why many Senior Citizens display memory loss or have more brain fogging moments compared to when they were younger.

To combat this many Oklahoman adults use the website Lumosity. They share via word of mouth this site delivers a lot of fun. The games given to play are enjoyable, do not feel as if they are doing something difficult; claim Lumosity works for them as a wholesome tool for keeping one's brain exercised.

Continuing to learn new things is another good method for overall brain health maintenance. Neuroscience also has determined people who regularly learn new things, develop multiple outside interests from their field of employment, have healthier brains; especially during their geriatric years. The more one continues to learn throughout their life, never stop to learn, the less likely one would develop a degenerative brain condition. ("Good Habits, Bad Habits," by Ann M. Graybiel and Kyle S. Smith, Scientific American, June 2014, pages 38 - 43)

Watching television does not exercise the brain as well as other methods. True one can visually learn something new from an educational televised program. Neuroscience has proven, however, that reading and studying from printed works is superior. ("Good Habits, Bad Habits," by Ann M. Graybiel and Kyle S. Smith, Scientific American, June 2014, pages 38 - 43)

Like with exercising the physical body, one can over do no matter which method used to exercise the brain. This is why the Lumosity website to prevent overstimulation of the brain has usage guidelines. It is best for healthy brain activity to moderately exercise and stimulate the brain. Not everyone needs the same amount of exercise or mental stimulus for maintaining overall brain health. If one is uncertain regarding brain exercise methods, it is advised to seek professional advice from one's primary care physician before beginning any brain exercise technique.

The main goal is to moderately and healthfully exercise the brain for its greater longevity; not overtax. Oklahomans who exercise their brains in a moderate fashion have found they have fun, a healthy sleep pattern, plus learn new things superiorly. They also feel happier. Enjoy the day!

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