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Learning science with Janice VanCleave

Teacher, award-winning author and science enthusiast, Janice VanCleave
Teacher, award-winning author and science enthusiast, Janice VanCleave
Janice VanCleave (with permission)

The name Janice VanCleave has been synonymous with teaching science successfully for many years. Now, this scientist, teacher, and award-winning book author has become a tech-savvy online curriculum developer, reaching a whole new generation of young scientists and their families via the Internet.

Janice VanCleave’s web site, “Science Project Ideas for Kids” ( offers comprehensive science instruction and experiments that anyone can perform right from home. From Astronomy to Physics, lessons combine the most successful strategies used in VanCleave’s best-selling science books with practical advice and down-to-earth teaching strategies that bring science directly into kitchens, dining rooms and computer rooms all around the globe.

Not long ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing Janice VanCleave and hearing much more about her contributions to science in the traditional classroom and through her latest endeavor — working with homeschoolers and other families from home. I asked her what makes science so fascinating to her, and how to nurture and reward that same kind of fascination in a child.

During this interview, a 3-part series, you’ll hear Janice talk about everything from how children discover scientific explorations, to encouraging them to express their own ideas, to what subjects are needed to prepare children for college and careers. Janice also shared her views on evolution, global warming, and other issues that seem to find themselves at the center of scientific debates.

Find the interview HERE.

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