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Learning games on the teen scene

Theo Serrano solving the Rubik's Cube
Theo Serrano solving the Rubik's Cube
Photo taken by Miguel Serrano

Remember when learning games were just for toddlers? There was LeapFrog Tablets for Kids, Jump Start computer games, and even memory cards to help strengthen a young child’s mind. Although learning games are still an excellent idea for small children, why stop there? Learning games can still stimulate teenaged minds just as well. League of Legends and Call of Duty are not the only games in town. Here are a few suggestions for parents who are tired of hearing virtual gunfire in their living rooms.

· The Rubik’s Cube- This is such a simple game, and once a child masters it, he or she will baffle their friends and teachers. The Rubik's Cube is a 3-D puzzle and it comes in many different forms and shapes. By turning the shapes in different directions, you try to match the colors. This particular activity increases spatial intelligence. This kind of thing is very difficult, and will keep your teen busy for hours.

· Chess- Chess has been known to raise the student’s IQ score. According to the Renaissance Knights Chess Foundation, studies have shown that students who play chess are better readers and have increased verbal and numerical capacities. They even say that it may strengthen memory. The intricacies of playing such a game, will certainly exercise those brain muscles. This is a skill that can follow them all through their lives.

· SAT and ACT practice games- It is pretty obvious that your teen needs to study for his or her SAT and ACT exams in order to do well on their tests and thus get into the college of their choosing. There are many fun on-line games that can be found for free to enhance your child’s brainpower. Vocabulary Can Be Fun is just one example of the many games that are available online. These games offer a set of instructions and then you simply hit the play button. Learning made easy can certainly take some of the pressure off of studying for those standardized exams.

So, if your teenager is playing too many games with guns, maybe it’s time to step it up a little. Teach them to train themselves to be smarter, better, and just well-rounded human beings. A little challenge never hurt anyone. Gaming for gaining intelligence. What a concept!