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Learning from a TFA* teacher is like

Getting your pizza from 7-Eleven when there is a great Italian restaurant down the street.

Waging a war on teachers is like the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, where billions are spent, no one wins, and everyone loses.

Charter schools rejecting special needs students is like not allowing people to vote because of their color.

Teaching only to the test is like eating mall food where your choices are limited and lousy.

Hiring non educators to run education (nationally and locally) is like asking a new immigrant to the United States to be fluent in English.

Allowing non educators on school boards to make policy is like asking your gardener to do surgery on your hernia.

Allowing downtown administrators (who never visit schools) to tell teachers what to do is like asking the passengers to fly the plane.

Closing public schools and sending the students to for-profit charters is like sending jobs overseas when they are plenty of unemployed workers and a diminishing middle class in America.

Allowing book publishers and test publishers to dictate what we should teach is like forcing us to eat every meal at McDonald’s and Taco Bell.

Destroying public education is like destroying Iraq in order to benefit a few in the rebuilding of the country.

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