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Learning By Karen Kingsbury:The Quotes I Loved

Book cover for Learning by Karen Kingsbury
Book cover for Learning by Karen Kingsbury
Karen Kingsbury

The book Learning by Karen Kingsbury is the second in a series titled The Bailey Flannigan Series. This book has really changed the way I perceive things in my life and I liked how the book brought a different perspective of the events that were happening throughout the novel. There are a number of quotes that have spoken to me while reading this novel. The page numbers for these quotes have been taken from the Kindle edition of the book.

  1. "All music is beautiful." (Kingsbury, pg. 26)
  2. "We can have as much of God as we want." (Kingsbury, pg.27)
  3. "But He'll always exceed what we can imagine Him to do, the ways He comforts us and leads us." (Kingsbury, pg.45)
  4. "We don't have time to hold a grudge against someone, They could be gone before sundown." (Kingsbury, pg.119)
  5. "Love well...laugh often...and live for Christ." (Kingsbury, 121)
  6. "Remember...when you can't take another step, God will carry you." (Kingsbury, pg.127)
  7. "We all have a hole in our hearts. We can try to fill it with a lot of things...but in the end only Jesus fits." (Kingsbury, pg.150)
  8. "“Commit your plans to the Lord, and they will succeed.” Proverbs 16:3" (Kingsbury, pg.61)
  9. For it is only in our nervousness and inability that we find strength to succeed in You.”
  10. “You can pray that God will help you understand those plans. But you don’t have to worry. He definitely has good plans for you.” (Kingsbury, pg.117)=
  11. "If she asked God for help … He would show her."(Kingsbury, pg.120)
  12. “It’s always God in us, anytime we do any good at all.”(Kingsbury, pg.123)
  13. “I realized I could have as much Jesus as I wanted. He was the only addiction that would make life better. I met Art the year after that — at Bible study.”(Kingsbury, pg.149)
  14. "We’re all going to struggle with one of these … but we’re not supposed to give up and say the fight is over. Does that make sense?”(Kingsbury, pg.235)
  15. “The truth is, there won’t be autograph lines in heaven. We have to be so careful how we spend our days … since most of our lives will be spent in eternity.”(Kingsbury, pg.302)
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