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Learning Addition and Subtraction

Family can help in Learning Addition and Subtraction
Family can help in Learning Addition and Subtraction

Can you imagine memorizing one hundred of anything? When you ask your child to learn addition facts through 18, by memorizing, you are asking them to memorize one hundred facts. Your child might feel overwhelmed and loose confidence in their ability to be successful in math.

Fortunately, there are a few strategies you can share with your child that will help in learning basic addition and subtraction building confidence in their mathematical ability. These strategies are not rules. A strategy may or may not help your child, if a strategy helps, wonderful, if not, try another one. Your child may just surprise you and develop interesting strategies of his own. One strategy is not any better than another one; you are exploring strategies that produce the correct results.

Counting-On and Back Strategy:

For example you can add 4 and 6. Start with the bigger number; in this case 6. Now count on four more numbers: 7, 8, 9, 10…4+6=10. A subtraction example would be 10-4, start with 10. Now count backwards four numbers: 9, 8, 7, and 6…the answer is 6!

Doubles, Doubles+1, and Doubles+2 Strategies:

7+8…can you think of a double that is close to 7+8? (7+7= 14)

How much more than 7 is 8? (1)

So, 7+8 is 15

Fact Family Strategy:





If your child knows that the numbers 4, 6, and 10 are related they can face a problem such as 10-4, with the experience of knowing that 4+6=10. Maybe the answer is 6?

Making Ten Strategy:

What if your child has a problem like 6+7?

Try: 6+4… (Easy 10)

So 7 is how many more than 4… (Easy 3)

What is 3 more than 10…? (Easy 13)

And then there are those wonderfully creative strategies you and your child will come up with around the kitchen table.



  • Profile picture of Sharon Watterson
    Sharon Watterson 4 years ago

    very good subtraction and addition math strategies for parents; learning has taken on a whole new path

  • dtjnhytkuy 4 years ago

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  • Profile picture of Nancy Zielinski
    Nancy Zielinski 4 years ago

    Great strategies Rhonda. Wow this takes me back to my school days -- decades ago!

    Nancy Z-Grand Rapids Public Health Examiner

  • Profile picture of Starr Weems de Graffenried
    Starr Weems de Graffenried 4 years ago

    I have never thought about what a memorization task that is. Thanks for this.

  • Profile picture of Heidi Cox
    Heidi Cox 4 years ago

    Good suggestions Rhonda. My daughter who is 9 is better in math than I am. Our 6 year old son needs some assistance so this will help!

    Heidi Cox, DC Women's Health Examiner

  • Profile picture of Beverly Mucha
    Beverly Mucha 4 years ago

    Thanks Rhonda, you take the complexity out of solving problems with easy steps - a great trailing tool to help your children learn with so they don't feel frustrated.

  • Profile picture of Pat Anthony
    Pat Anthony 4 years ago

    You always have great suggestions for helping children learn.

  • Paulo Oliveira - Boston Brazilian Food Examiner 4 years ago

    I never got good grades in Math but your way ot teaching it would make me feel more comfortable with it. Great article, Rhonda!

  • Profile picture of Victoria Poller
    Victoria Poller 4 years ago

    I wonder how many adults had problems with some of your equations? LOL. Great slide show Rhonda and I left a comment there too. Thanks for all your teaching because I can keep up with my Grand daughter and help her Mommy when she at my home.

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