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Learning about New Media in Dayton

Twitter. Facebook. LinkedIn. Bing. Flickr. Foursquare. Does it all sound Greek to you?

Information on Online Marketing and the brave new world of Social Media is everywhere, and too much of it can make one's head spin. You are trying to run your business, and who has time to learn how to use all the online tools effectively? That's especially true when the tools and techniques change almost daily.

Many will appear at your door claiming to be internet experts. How do you tell who is talking a good game as opposed to actually being able to produce results for you and your business? Two things leap to mind. One, do they have a verifiable track record? Can they produce references? Secondly, do they understand marketing, old and new? Can they think like a business owner?

If you are interested in exploring New (Digital) Media, or are looking for someone to handle your social media and internet marketing, you will want to save Saturday, February 13 on your calendar.  New Media Dayton will be having their monthly meetup (or should I say tweetup?) at the Pub at the Greene, 39 Greene Blvd. in Beavercreek. It goes from 4 to 7pm, admission is free but a donation is suggested for Haitian earthquake relief (donations will go to the Compassion Organization. Guest speaker is Brad Ditzell, and the topic is "The Art of Listening to your Customers". More information and online registration here. but no problem if you just show up I'm sure.

It will be a great way to meet the movers and shakers in New Media in the Dayton area.