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Learn your management style by answering five questions

There are two predominant workplace cultures in America today, contemporary management and traditional management. At the same time there are three types of management styles in America today. In addition to traditional managers and contemporary managers there is a third group called blended managers. The two styles workplace culture radically different and if there is a mismatch between the workplace culture and the management style employee morale, retention, productivity and quality will suffer.

Learn your management style by answering five questions.
Learn your management style by answering five questions.
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Although blended managers will be comfortable, for the most part, in either workplace culture a contemporary manager will struggle untraditional workplace culture and a traditional manager will experience great stress in a contemporary workplace culture.

To determine which management style you use answer these five true or false questions:

  1. You need to handle the important policy or procedure changes.
  2. When an employee has a problem, you need to solve it.
  3. You chair all meetings with your team.
  4. When there is a serious problem with a customer you need to approve the resolution.
  5. Team members should problem solved on their own but need to consult you before implementation.

After you’ve answered the five true or false questions click here to go to, “Grading Your Management Style”.

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