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Learn to Surf New England

Enemy Skull Inc surfer John getting air in Narragansett
Enemy Skull Inc surfer John getting air in Narragansett
Enemy Skull Inc.

Is it me, or did we just skip Spring and head right for Summer? Who cares, it's here and adrenaline junkies everywhere are pumped. It's summer time which means tank tops, flip flops and surfboards. Don't know how to surf? It's ok, it is easier to learn than you think.

Head a few miles south to catch the best waves, they can always be found in Narragansett Rhode Island. Once you are there find a professional surfer with a funny name. If you head to Gansett you're in luck because it is home to Peter Pan, owner and surf instructor at Gansett Juice Surf Shop. Pan offers classes at his Peter Pan Surfing Academy all year long. Rent a board and get a day lesson for $65. "We get 50 people in a group sometimes it's crazy" says Pan, "Or you can have a one on one"

If you would rather surf in front of the Rockefeller summer home then Newport RI is the spot for you. Go hunt down Sid "The Package" Abruzzi at Waterbros Surf Shop.  Sid does offer classes, but he also offers up a different approach. "Just find a friend. You just got to find the right person, the right board and the right spot". Sid's spot of choice is the cliffs in Newport. Both Gansett Juice and Water Brothers are the right person, have the right boards and are willing to tell you just the right spot.

Whatever you do, have fun, get gnarly and stay stoked bro.