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Learn to suppress your hunger cravings to help loose weight

Start a food diary and write down everything you eat or drink. When you get hungry look at your food diary before you snack and see when was the last time you ate and what you ate. Ask yourself: Am I really hungry?

Eating cantaloupe is a healthy snack when trying to loose weight
Dianne Tyndall

If yes: eat a raw fruit or vegetable and drink a large glass of water, this should hold you over until your next meal time.

Drink an 8oz to 16oz glass of water before each meal. If you want something with a little flavor add a couple strawberries, lemons or orange slices to flavor the water.

When you think your hungry but it’s not time to eat, take a walk instead. Walking is a great way to relieve stress and detour hunger.

Some great hydrating foods to snack on are watermelon, cucumbers, cantaloupes, tomatoes and grapefruits. Eating hydrating foods are great when trying to loose weight.

Try to cut sugary drinks out of your daily diet. The more sugar you eat the more sugar your body craves.

Learning to suppress your hunger isn’t as hard as one might think. Just follow these few rules and soon you will be eating healthier.

Your body will not be getting as hungry as before because your body will stop craving sugary snacks and instead it will want a juicy blueberry, grapefruit or cucumber and your body will be all the healthier for it.

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