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Learn to read your dog food labels

Understanding dog food labels is an important part of caring for your dog properly.
Understanding dog food labels is an important part of caring for your dog properly.
Deb Eldredge

Feel mystified by the labels on your dog's food? You can help to rectify that situation tomorrow evening by signing up for a great webinar on "Take the Mystery Out of Dog Food Labels" offered by the Whole Dog Journal.
This webinar will help you to pick out the real nutrition information you want from marketing terms and to analyze the actual ingredient list. You will also find out the value of guaranteed analysis.
The webinar is offered on Wednesday, August 13 starting at 7 p.m. EDT. You can sign up here for the minimal cost of $4.95. The talk will run for an hour followed by a question and answer period.

There are so many choices offered for our dogs today when you cruise the pet store aisles. Choices range from grain free and organic to frozen raw foods to grocery store kibbles. It can be overwhelming at first when you try to evaluate ingredients, the analysis of the diet and figure out how much to feed your dog.

Whole Dog Journal's editor Nancy Kerns will be conducting the talk - sharing her knowledge gained from trying to find the best foods for her dogs. While nutrition may seem like a small part of your dog's health care plan, it is actually very important. Every day your dog needs the correct nutrition to maximize health. the ideal diet should stimulate good growth, correct hair coat and provide plenty of energy for activity while keeping your dog fit and trim. In the long run, it should save you on health care costs and veterinary visits.

In addition, it is important to realize that not all dogs do well on the same foods. Some dogs thrive on a grain free diet but others have diarrhea on the same food. It is important to check ingredient lists carefully if your dog has any food intolerances. The webinar will help to make you an informed consumer and provide better care for your dog. At this price it is certainly worth your time to educate yourself!

Once you sign up, you will receive email confirmation and information about signing in to the webinar. It is easy and efficient.

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