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Learn to grow mushrooms for your Pagan homestead for free this Thursday

Green Blessings.

Greening of Detroit
Greening of Detroit

This Thursday in Detroit, the class "Mushroom Cultivation Station: A Community Education Workshop" on growing King Strophararia Mushrooms (Wine Caps) and Oyster Mushrooms will be presented at Western High School, located at 1500 Scotten Street, Detroit. This workshop is free and open to the public, including the younger folks still in school. It will take place from 6:00 - 7:30 p.m., with time for discussion and reflection.

Pagans who homestead often garden, and may raise animals, but growing mushrooms are sometimes a bit intimidating as it is not something you see everyday. In Detroit, we are fortunate to have several community initiative projects that are promoting education in the above areas and encouraging others to share what they have learned. This is in line with the Path of many in the Pagan Lifestyles, where harmony in life is what is paramount.

This workshop will be presented by: Vaughn Johnson, Community Education Coordinator for The Greening of Detroit and Certified Green Builder. With a background in urban agriculture, aquaponics, permaculture, and more, your guide to the world of mushroom cultivation is top level. All the terminology and practices will be covered and broken down into real talk and explanation that will make it accessible to everyone. The class promises to cover

  • The history, unique structure and parts of the mushrooms
  • Autoclaving, and making agar from scratch
  • How to make and preserve your own spore prints
  • How to make your own syringe inoculants, and how to inoculate grain and sawdust jars
  • The importance of grain-to-grain transfers for the sustainability of your mushroom spawn
  • How to take that spawn and inoculate compost-raised and in-ground beds with King Straphoria mushrooms
  • Inoculate four-inch corrugated drain pipe with Oyster Mushrooms
  • How to cook sumptuous dishes with mushrooms....AND, take home your own recipe card

according to their class syllabus.

Pagan Homesteading is almost a natural avenue that many nature based practitioners seem to gravitate toward eventually. Whether as small a step as planting a window garden, or taking the plunge to moving into the rural lands, there is a space along the spectrum for everyone. Healing the Earth and living in harmony with the Agricultural Seasons and calendar gives more meaning and understanding in many cases for those who live the Wheel of the Year. It also comes with the duty given by the Lord and Lady to be a good steward of the land and to ensure that we actively become a part of that cycle of producing what we consume.

In the city there are also permaculturalists who are making a real difference, Pagans and NonPagans.

Want to know more and sign up? Contact Vaughn Johnson at

The Land of the Fresh Water Seas is abundant in the variety of agricultural products we produce. Whether animal, floral, vegetable, or fungal, we are world respected. Almost every form of Urban Agriculture is going on here in various communities. Activists such as Fireweed Universe City have taken it to be a part of their alternative living project and mission.

Looking for a local farm that has organic and sustainable practices? Give a visit to Spirit Farm and see Kate Devlin. Activist, advocate, farmer, and permaculturalist, she is definitely someone you want to know if you are serious about eating local and learning about sustainable practices. Find more about her vision by visiting her Facebook page She also runs a CSA every year. She is also one of this author's personal heroines.

Interested in hearing more about Pagan Homesteading from another point of view? Check out the podcast The Pagan Homesteader on Podbean. She gives a thoughtful outlooks on her passion as a Pagan and a Homesteader, as well as Prepping.

Blessed Fields.

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