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Learn to exercise forgivness for inner strength

The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong.
~Mahatma Gandhi~

Starting off 2010 with the Virtue of Forgiveness can start a theme of healing in your life. The New Year is a time in which new beginnings are created. Reflecting back on the life lessons of 2009 and make a conscious decision to develop new habit, gain a higher level of mastery of this virtue and create in yourself a habit of forgiveness. To withhold forgiveness from someone is to make the decision to not trust God and his messengers. Forgiveness allows the Divine to take care of the problem and allowing an individual to focus on other things that bring joy.

Forgiving as an act is faith in action and an act that will remove stagnation from an area in your life. It also encourages an individual to step back and look at the whole picture and walk in another individual’s shoes, to see their position and not judge it, but to be compassionate and put loving energy towards that person. It builds character muscle, internal strength, and is a practice that is honorable.
To forgive through silence or prayer assists in the restoration of integrity in life and in fulfillment of your own goals. It is one path which brings inner peace to the heart and soul. Inner peace is strength in quietude mixed with the blessings of Divine Love and Divine Grace.

If you cannot forgive someone for one wrong or another, then ask God and his Angels to help you grow and master this skill. This is one way to empower your own life with grace and Divine Love. After all, Forgiveness is not religion specific. It is Universal Law and ultimately beneficial in all ways.


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