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Learn Nothing Day: Have you ever tried to learn nothing?

Learn Nothing Day - July 24
Learn Nothing Day - July 24

Learn Nothing Day - A vacation for unschoolers observed each year on July 24. Have you ever tried to learn nothing? By midday on Learn Nothing Day, unschoolers begin reporting their success or failure to learn nothing.

A quote by Pam Dowling, posted on the Learn Nothing Day webpage, sums up the spirit of the day:

"That day can be nothing but an epic fail! and a total success in reminding us that we learn all the time!"

Cathy Koetsier, on her Christian Unschooling blog, noted that "consciously trying not to learn is one of the most effective ways to demonstrate the reality of John Holt's claim that learning is what people do, naturally, all the time, just like fish swim."

School kids and schooly homeschoolers take a break from school in the summer, but unschoolers keep learning.

"When people ask if they homeschool in the summer, they say yes. When people ask when they have a break from learning, they say never." -- from the Learn Nothing Day webpage.

If school kids and summer break homeschoolers participated in Learn Nothing Day, they would discover that taking a break from school is not a break from learning, at least not the way unschoolers view learning.

To unschoolers, learning is more than school subjects. Learning is living, doing, thinking, feeling, experiencing every day. That's why Learn Nothing Day can never succeed, at least not in the literal sense. It's fun to try, though, and you're likely to learn just how much learning happens whether you're trying or not.

There's also a Learn Nothing Day blog.

Learn Nothing Day began in 2008.

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