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Learn Not To Burn Chap Oscar's Heart

Be Proactive With Safety
Be Proactive With Safety
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NASHVILLE The absolute best way to share the seriousness of home fire safety with children between the ages of 3 and 5 is to involve music and movement. Over the years the commitment that I have for this preschool training has never grown cold. The most important thing is to practice Fire Drills with your entire family and when you hear a smoke alarm get out the house. It is my big challenge to let folks know just how quick a fire can spread throughout the house leaving very little time to escape. Don't take my word for what I am about to say and do not be offended but most homes are fire traps with blocked exits!!!!!

There are approximately 366,600 home fires per year here in America. More than 2,570 civilian deaths and 13,210 injuries. Check your home today for blocked exits as clutter can become an inadvertent fire hazard. Now my friends and family if you have read this far please find a way to let your older relatives know interior locks or padlocks need to be removed. How quick is the release on that security door?

Thank you for the love and support Chap Oscar