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Learn Na'vi, the alien language from 'Avatar'

Speak like a Na'vi at the Learn Na'vi website.
Speak like a Na'vi at the Learn Na'vi website.
Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

For his hit film Avatar, director James Cameron pulled out all the stops. Not only did the director spend years perfecting and developing the cutting edge 3D special effects used in the film, he even worked with linguistic consultant Paul R. Frommer to create a new language, from scratch, that the alien creates, the Na'vi, would speak in the film.

With film set to make its DVD and BluRay debut on April 22, Earth Day, the Learn Na'vi website has launched giving users the opportunity to learn the language and perhaps bravely turn the subtitles off when watching the movie in the comfort of their own home. Featuring a 500 word Na'vi-to-English dictionary as we as guides on speaking, grammar and syntax, the website offers a thorough overview of the language created to be used in the film.

Even though the film is coming to DVD and BluRay soon, it should be experienced on the big screen. In case you missed your opportunity, the film is rumored to be returning to theaters later this year.