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Learn Kenpo Karate/T-Jitsu in Dedham

Students display trophy's from Martial Arts Tournament
Students display trophy's from Martial Arts Tournament
Meredith Strickland

As part of the Dedham Parks and Recreation program, preschoolers, kids and adults can learn the art and master the skills of Kenpo Karate/T-Jitsu. The Owner and Chief Instructor is Professor Brian Denton and the classes run continuously throughout the year with re-enrollment every 8 weeks. But what is Kenpo Karate/T-Jitsu you ask? It is based on two different types of karate. “Kenpo Karate is based on the use of hand techniques combined with fast foot work. Kicks are used to support hand techniques. This stand up fighting covers 60% of the system” while T-Jitsu stands for Taiho-Jitsu. “Taiho-Jitsu techniques are combination of Jujitsu & Judo. They are used to place an attacker in a Jujitsu lock, Judo throw or Submission hold. Taiho-Jitsu covers 40% of the system”.

Now that you know what type of karate is taught, it is important to note the reasons why one (or your child) should learn karate. Contrary to popular belief, karate is not about learning to fight or even for protection although it probably won’t hurt if you ever need it in an emergency. Learning any form of karate has many other benefits for the students mind, body and person. Examples would be:

  • Mind-Develop greater discipline, concentration and self-respect
  • Body-increase your flexibility, endurance and muscle tone
  • Person-enhance self discipline and confidence

Classes are offered every Monday evening at the Dedham Parks and Recreation Center / Isabel Dolan Center depending on your age. Preschoolers (4-6) go from 5:30-6:30pm, kids (6-13) go from 6:30-7:30pm, and adults (13+) and extra training go from 7:30 – 9pm. Registration is required through the Park and Recreation Center. For more information or to register please visit Dedham Park and Recreation Department Karate.

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