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Learn how to think positively to get only positive outcomes

Rewire Your Brain

If you are interested in the law of attraction and the topic of positive thinking, then it means that you are willing to make a change that you think is necessary. Too often people notice how others are luckier, happier and richer than they are, and cannot understand how that is possible. They might even come to the conclusion that they’re doing something wrong if they only have negative results, and that would be correct: they don’t use positive thinking to control their actions. However, positive thinking is not something you can learn overnight. This is why author Michelle Steven decided to share her knowledge and experience on the matter in her amazing guide – ‘Rewire Your Brain’.

Our education and all of our life experiences have ‘installed’ certain ‘programs’ in our brain, and not all of them are good and useful. We might not be aware of this, but, for instance, if we have financial problems, one explanation would be that we have probably been taught in our childhood that money is bad. The same goes for all the problems we face. Everything we do and all the results we get are strongly connected to our thoughts. In ‘Rewire Your Brain’, the author talks about how thoughts influence actions, and about the connection between the mind and body. Thoughts precede everything, and this is why we need to make sure that they are positive and constructive.

Even though it is not easy to ‘rewire your brain’ and force yourself to think positively all the time, it is not impossible either. With a bit of effort, motivation and determination, anyone can change their life completely. At first, you’ll find it very difficult to control your thoughts every minute. Your mind will have the tendency to betray you. But, in time, if you practice and use the techniques Michelle Steven suggests, it will get easier, and all the effort will pay off.

All people deserve to feel happy and accomplished, and ‘Rewire Your Brain’ is an amazing book that can teach them how to get there. The methods the author presents have been proven to work because she herself used them when she needed to overcome a period of deep depression. After going through a divorce and the death of a parent, Michelle Steven thought that she would never feel joy and the desire to live again. However, she used the law of attraction and the power of positive thinking, and now she is married for the second time and she has a child on the way. Her book will help many people obtain the life they want and deserve.

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