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Learn how to retrieve a letter you mailed by mistake

Have you ever mailed a letter and then thought otherwise about it? Could you have sealed the mortgage bill and forgot to place the check inside? Did you inadvertently miss putting postage on the envelopes? Or did you do something worse and really have regrets?

Get back that "Dear John" letter that you mailed in haste!

What about a “Dear John” letter that was written when things weren’t going so well and you really didn’t want it to be mailed no less received? Or you could have done something like the character Debbie Barone played by Patricia Heaton did when she wrote and mailed a letter to Marie Barone played by Doris Roberts, her mother-in-law on the show “Everyone Loves Raymond” telling her all the things that really bother, irritate and annoy her so much?

All those things mentioned are reasons to want to get those envelopes back. But what do you do after they are placed in the mailbox? You don’t have to worry anymore unless you suddenly remember after the mail has been picked up from that mailbox already or it is a day later.

If you know something like this happened and you just mailed that letter just go into the post office and ask for a Sender’s Request for USPS Package Intercept Service form to fill out. It is also referred to as “Form 1509”. All you have to do is complete the information and hand it to the Post Master and he or she will retrieve your letter, bill or package which will prevent you from embarrassment since it won’t be sent out to the addressee.

This form is also handy in case you happen to say drop your keys in the box while mailing out your bills. Instead of the postal service adding them to a box marked undeliverable items and holding them hoping someone comes in to claim them you can get them quicker by completing the form to soon be on your way again.

There are many other miscellaneous forms that you have access to that you may find a need for and not realize exist such as:

  • Credit Card Non-Receipt Report
  • Domestic or International Claim
  • (Customer) Request for Web Access
  • Web Access Request
  • Statement by Shippers of Firearms
  • Sender's Application for Recall of Mail
  • Importer's Objections
  • Confirm Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) Shipment ID
  • Postage Statement - Extra Services
  • CASS Summary Report
  • Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) Retail
  • Certificate of Bulk Mailing
  • Renewal Notice for Annual Fee(s)
  • Agreement by a Hotel, Apartment House, or the Like
  • Certificate of Mailing
  • Firm Mailing Book for Accountable Mail
  • Firm Delivery Receipt
  • Petition for Change in Rural Delivery
  • Rural Customer Delivery Instructions
  • Corporate Account/Custom Designed Agreement
  • Agreement for Acceptance of Food Items
  • Mail piece Irregularity/Resolution
  • Expedited Shipment Agreement for Plant-Load Mailings
  • Request to Pay Postage Refunds to Presenter of Mail
  • Mail Fraud Report

Be relieved there is a solution to these mistakes when sending out your posts!

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