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Learn how to respond to common interview questions

Job candidates can anticipate job interview questions and prepare answers for these questions before their interviews.
Job candidates can anticipate job interview questions and prepare answers for these questions before their interviews.
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This article will consider an example of a common interview question to help readers understand how to interpret the rationale behind such a question and how to respond appropriately to it during a job interview. In this short article we can consider only one such question, but readers should research and prepare for at least 50 other such common interview questions.

To prepare for the job interviews, job candidates should have friends play the part of the interviewers. These friends then can critique the interview performances after these mock interviews are finished. If friends are not available, the job candidates should practice with tape recorders in front of mirrors and critique their own performances after they are finished doing their mock interviews.

Keep in mind that the company interviewers already know much about the job candidates from the reading of their resumes, so the job candidates should not just restate what they wrote in their resumes. They should use interesting examples and stories to expand upon what their resumes already have conveyed to the interviewers, and the job candidates should try to develop a rapport with these interviewers.

One interview question might be, “Why do you want this job?”

The interviewers will ask this question because they want to see if the job candidates are interested enough in their companies to be sufficiently motivated to succeed and to stay in the new job.

Job candidates who have researched the companies might find something specific about the companies that complement their own values, experience, and ambitions. An example of a good answer might be, “I believe passionately in the need for alternative energy, and your solar panel company is part of the solution to the world’s destructive addiction to fossil fuels. I have had sales experience in the past, and your open sales representative position would give me a higher level of training and experience that is important to me.”

Job candidates will increase their chances of being hired if they research the companies and practice their responses to the many questions they may be asked.

What types of questions have you been asked during job interviews? Please comment below.

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